Author Michael Dahl Brings Reading to Life for Elementary Students

September 29, 2014

Author Michael Dahl speaks to fourth- and fifth-grade students at Lieder Elementary School on Sept. 26 during his visit, sponsored by myON.

Sept. 29, 2014—Celebrated children’s and young adult author Michael Dahl visited his first of five CFISD elementary schools on Friday when he spoke to fourth- and fifth-grade students at Lieder Elementary School.

Dahl, the author of more than 200 different fiction and nonfiction titles, shared his writing experiences and motivations with the students, and read a passage from his Library of Doom series book,Cave of the Bookworms.

“The Library of Doom series is very popular here,” said Lieder librarian Debora Dillard, who stores 64 Dahl books in the Lieder library. “I love having authors come, because that’s how kids can make a connection to what they’re reading. They are able to put a face to the book and see that this is a real-life person. Now they’re all going to want to check out more of his books.”

Dahl’s visit to Lieder was sponsored by myON Reader, a digital literacy program that provides 24/7 access to thousands of digital books while recommending content to readers according to their interest and reading levels.

The author will also visit Hemmenway, Reed, M. Robinson and Hancock elementary schools courtesy of Capstone Publishing on Monday and Tuesday.

“When you are a writer, it’s a lonely kind of a job because you’re by yourself most of the time,” Dahl said. “You spend most of the time thinking and reading and writing, wondering if anyone’s going to read this and if it’s going to connect. When you’re able to connect with kids like this, it’s exciting.”

Dahl closed his visit by answering questions from students.

“They were enthusiastic; they were never blasé,” he said. “I’m always excited because I pick up energy from them, and I’m always impressed with their questions. I had a really good question earlier this morning, when someone asked me, ‘Have you ever had a book that was rejected?’ I said yes. That is a really good question, and no one has ever asked me that before. I said that it happens to everybody, but at the same time, I still keep those ideas somewhere and I can use them in other books.”

Dahl has won the AEP Distinguished Achievement Award three times for his nonfiction, as well as a Teacher’s Choice award from Learningmagazine and a Seal of Excellence from the Creative Child Awards. In addition to the Library of Doom series, he has authored theDragonblood books, Troll Hunter and the Hocus Pocus Hotelmystery/comedy series. Visit his website at michaeldahlwrites.comfor more information.

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Author Michael Dahl reads from his book, Cave of the Bookworms, to students at Lieder Elementary School on Sept. 26.

Michael Dahl responds to a question from a student, assisted by Lieder librarian Debora Dillard.

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